How To Crochet the Best Blanket Ever

When I taught myself how to knit in college and then crochet a few years later, my intention was to make beautiful things that my friends and family would hopefully cherish forever. That’s why I couldn’t wait to have the opportunity to make my first baby blanket.

I still have most, if not all, of the baby blankets that were handmade for me and I refuse to consider ever throwing them out because someone MADE that for me. And, while the yarn might be inexpensive (although there’s definitely some pricy yarn out there!), the time it takes to hand make a blanket is outrageous and I will forever cherish the love they poured into making them for me.

So when my friend told me she was having a baby girl, I couldn’t buy yarn fast enough. I spent hours scouring Pinterest for inspiration and when I couldn’t seem to find just the right design, in typical Julie-fashion, I decided to make my own.

There was a stitch pattern I used once to crochet a sweater and I got so many compliments on the texture it created and was such a big fan of it myself that I basically wanted to use it to make everything. The best part is it’s the simplest stitch pattern ever – single crochet, double crochet, repeat. That’s it!

I used baby weight yarn and a 4mm (G/6) hook (although you can certainly use thicker yarn and a bigger hook). I started with 129 chains to then create 128 stitches in my first row starting with a single crochet and ending with a double, chain one and turn, repeating that two stitch pattern for 128 rows to complete the 36-inch square. Then, I slip stitched around all the edges to make them nice and neat making sure to put only one stitch in the double crochets and not two. Finally, I added a ruffle border (Row 1: single crochet in every stitch putting three stitches in each corner stitch and a slip stitch to complete the round. Row 2: Double crochet twice in every stitch with four stitches in each corner stitch and a slip stitch to complete the round. Row 3&4: Double crochet twice in every other stitch with a single double crochet in between all the way around with three stitches in each corner stitch and a slip stitch to complete the round. Tie off and weave in loose ends.)

It was fabulous, but simply making the blanket wasn’t personal enough for me, so I found a pattern to crochet letters and added the baby’s monogram and finally an anchor (boats have a lot of meaning for this family) in the corner.

It was a smashing success and my friend even asked me to make a matching one for her son when he was born. It has become my go to blanket pattern and it seems like I make it for EVERYONE…not just babies!

Unless there’s a special request, I try to add a unique touch to each of them. (I’d like to say it’s to make it more personal, but really, I just like to try new things and take on new challenges, which is hard to do when everyone requests the same thing.) Maybe it’s a different border – like scallops, or posts to thread a ribbon through (like I did with this blanket for my cousin’s baby), or even just a different stitch pattern to create a more defined edge – or a different appliqué – daisies, butterflies, teddy bears… The options are endless!

Just be careful…these blankets are so beautiful, I am now being invited to baby and wedding showers of friends of friends just so I will make them this blanket. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Love, Julie

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