When It’s More Than Just Nail Polish

I have a confession to make.

I haven’t painted my nails in a REALLY long time. I can’t even remember the last time I had them done, which is so…unlike me. But, you know how it is. Life gets in the way and some things – like your nails – don’t get done and you end up rocking the au natural look as best as you can.

In fact, my nails have been bare for so long that I straight up forgot how transformative a fresh manicure can be because when I applied these polish strips from Color Street this morning, I had a smile I couldn’t wipe off my face…even while tackling a literal mountain of laundry.

My freshly polished nails sent my confidence and overall mood through the roof. I couldn’t stop looking at how pretty they were and then I couldn’t stop thinking about how easy they were to apply and how I didn’t have to wait a single second for them to dry. I mean…I was doing laundry minutes after doing my nails. My mind was completely blown.

I was so impressed, I immediately texted all my friends to tell them about it so they could hop on this train and that’s exactly why I’m sharing it with you too.

You NEED this product!!

It’s 100% nail polish and is easily removed with nail polish remover. There’s no soaking necessary and it won’t damage your nails. They come in a variety of colors from neutrals and pastels to bright and bold colors including metallics and glitters and graphics and they can last for up to two weeks.

Plus… No dry time. No smudges. No streaks. No chips.

There is absolutely no reason not to give these babies a try!

They. Are. FABULOUS!

Each set costs $11-14 and, if you have short nails, you’ll get two manicures and two pedicures from each set. If you have extra long nails, you might only be able to get one manicure out of it, but you’ll still have enough for two pedicures.

I’m wearing Giza Sands with Coming Up Rose Gold overlays on my thumbs and ring fingers. It is the perfect neutral with a hint of sparkle. My list of favorite colors is extensive so rather than rattle off that list, why don’t you head over to ColorStreet.com, start making your own and, when your list is as long as mine, take advantage of the buy three, get one free deal because you’re gonna need/want it.

I promise. You will be just as excited to look down and see your pretty nails – even while doing endless loads of laundry – like I was.

Love, Julie

PS. Before you ask, my ring is from Stella & Dot, it’s engravable, comes in silver and gold and is $64.


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