Personal Growth
When Doubt Creeps In
I decided a long time ago to walk in faith and not live in fear, but that doesn't mean I am exempt from days, weeks and sometimes even months of doubt. You know...those times when we just don't get it. Why is this happening? ...or not happening, as the case may be, and you ask - sometimes beg - God to give you a glimpse of the bigger picture so you can understand better. But, the second the word "understand" crosses my mind or comes out of my mouth, I am instantly reminded of Proverbs 3:5 - Trust in the Lord with all [...]
I Am a Badass and So Are You!
As part of my resolutions for a more purposeful life this year, I have a goal to read 25 books and one of the books on my list is "You Are a Badass" by Jennifer Sincero. I finished it yesterday and it should be on the required reading list of anyone with a beating heart. I don't even know how I stumbled upon the book to put it on my Goodreads Want To Read List, but I know I was a big fan of the title. Who doesn't like to consider themselves a badass, if only on occasion? Someone who doesn't take any [...]
I Have a Better Idea
I pray daily - multiple times a day actually - because loving Jesus is my happy place...along with any craft store or froyo shop. Those places make me pretty happy too... Sometimes He answers our prayers right away and sometimes we need to be a little more patient and sometimes He says, "Thanks for the suggestion, but I have a better idea." This was one of those situations. As I was preparing to cover the 2016 IIHF World Junior Championship in Helsinki, Finland, I was praying for a particular opportunity to open up for me. I prayed and I prayed about it for months, but [...]
My Most Productive Year Yet
Thirteen months ago, I found myself saying 'I'd love to do that someday…' or 'I've always wanted to do that!' far more than I'd like to admit. Once I realized what I was doing - or more appropriately, what I wasn't doing - I started asking myself why. Why wasn't I doing any of those things that I really wanted to do, like travel more or learn another language or take control of my financial future or challenge myself in new ways? After some reflection, I realized I had allowed things that weren't important to me become important leaving no [...]
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