What’s Black and Red and Plaid All Over?
This dress! I had been eyeing this one up for awhile and I love it even more in person. The fabric is outrageously soft and lightweight - It feels like butter on your skin - and that makes it super transitional and an all-year-round kind of dress. I also love the asymmetrical hem. I think it provides a modern twist to a classic print. And, I love that you can dress it up or dress it down as I'm about to show you. Here are four different ways to style this red and black plaid dress. Fun & Flirty I [...]
So You Want to Learn to Knit…
When I was a broke college student wandering aimlessly around Walmart trying to figure out what I could afford to give my friends and family for presents that Christmas, I took a long lazy stroll through the crafting section. I had always been creative. I thought maybe I could make them something. That's when I found the yarn aisle. The colors were so pretty and the material so soft. If only I knew how to do anything meaningful with it...and that's when I saw it - a Learn to Knit kit. I scooped it up, read the details on the back [...]
Great Fashion Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank… or Bust Your Closet
I don’t believe in paying full price for anything, especially fashion. My mom taught me a long time ago not to spend a lot of money on anything that I don’t plan on wearing ten years from now and I’m willing to bet that’s the exact moment became a bargain hunter. I don’t buy anything that isn’t on sale or without a coupon, hopefully both, and neither should you. That said, never buy something just because it’s on sale. If you aren’t thinking twice about possibly buying it at full price, you shouldn’t think once about buying it at half [...]
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