I Want To Be A Wednesday Sister
I truthfully have no idea how I stumbled upon The Wednesday Sisters, which was published a decade ago. My guess is that I was looking for another book in the same stack and the spine caught my eye. Then, the synopsis did it's job and reeled me in hook, line and Miss America crown. It reads: When five young mothers - Frankie, Linda, Kath, Ally and Brett - first meet in a neighborhood park in the late 1960s, their conversations center on marriage, raising children, and a shared love of books. Then one evening, as they gather to watch the [...]
Maggie Hope is My Hero
  Towards the end of a three week trip through Italy, Croatia and Slovenia this past August, I ran out of books to read. Whomp, whomp. That's when I discovered that you can download e-books from the library. Woooo hoooo! Only problem is the selection is not nearly as robust. While I was searching and searching and searching for one of the 300+ books on my Goodreads - To Read List to be available, I stumbled upon a book called Mr. Churchill's Secretary. It wasn't on my list, but it was historical fiction wrapped around a mystery featuring a strong [...]
Anne Frank House
As you know, I'm presently on a little European adventure and earlier this week I was in Amsterdam. (It's a beautiful city and you should go.) While I was there, I visited Anne Frank House - where she, her family, the van Pels and Fritz Pfeffer hid from the Nazis for two years - and was completely inspired by the ambition and attitude of the 13-year-old. Having visited Auschwitz two years ago and cried an absolute river while I was touring the facility, I was prepared to feel the sadness of their situation, but I wasn't prepared to feel the joy [...]
I Am a Badass and So Are You!
As part of my resolutions for a more purposeful life this year, I have a goal to read 25 books and one of the books on my list is "You Are a Badass" by Jennifer Sincero. I finished it yesterday and it should be on the required reading list of anyone with a beating heart. I don't even know how I stumbled upon the book to put it on my Goodreads Want To Read List, but I know I was a big fan of the title. Who doesn't like to consider themselves a badass, if only on occasion? Someone who doesn't take any [...]
Rediscovering the Library
I made many goals last year and one of them was to read 15 books. I thought one a month - plus a few thrown in to help pass the time on vacation - was completely attainable. In fact, I thought I'd have no problem exceeding that goal and reading 20, if not more! Guess what didn't get crossed off my list? That's right...I read a measly eight books last year. How embarrassing.... Part of it was me not taking my goal seriously and waiting until the middle of summer to start doing anything about it. The other part is [...]
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