When It’s More Than Just Nail Polish
I have a confession to make. I haven't painted my nails in a REALLY long time. I can't even remember the last time I had them done, which is so...unlike me. But, you know how it is. Life gets in the way and some things - like your nails - don't get done and you end up rocking the au natural look as best as you can. In fact, my nails have been bare for so long that I straight up forgot how transformative a fresh manicure can be because when I applied these polish strips from Color Street this [...]
It’s Not Magic, It’s Witch Hazel!
Ladies...I have found it! After searching for what seems like my entire life - legit...this had been an issue since puberty! - and spending ridiculous amounts of money on anything and everything claiming to help the ever present oil slick on my face, the answer to my oily t-zone prayers costs $6 and can be found at the drug store. May I present to you Dickinson's Witch Hazel. I was out with a friend for St Patrick's Day and, somehow, we started talking about our skincare routines and my oily t-zone issue and the war I was trying to wage [...]
Jello Can Remove Blackheads. Not Kidding.
On my continuing crusade against an oily t-zone, I started using blackhead removing strips to help clear my pores out. They work great, but in order to get all the areas I want to address I end up cutting up five strips to cover my forehead, nose and chin. There had to be a better way. What I really wanted was a mask that I could apply to all my problem areas and pull off in one piece that would also be effective in removing my blackheads. I used the charcoal mask - the one that feels like you're ripping [...]
Declaring War On My Oily T-Zone
That's it...I've had enough. I'm officially declaring war on my oily t-zone. Ever since I hit puberty, my face has been an absolute oil slick. Over the years, the acne has settled down, but don't get it twisted...instead of waking up to a new growth on my face every other day, it's slowed to once a week. My face is still good for at least two or three volcanic eruptions a month, a variety of clogged pores, and the occasional cystic zit that doesn't want to go away. It seems like as soon as one spot finally starts to heal, [...]
Diet Is A Four Letter Word
I went to brunch last week and discovered the term Saturday Faturday to go along with Sunday Funday because I consumed everything edible in this picture and yes, that is french toast encrusted with Fruity Pebbles. I love big breakfast! You can call it gluttonous, but I prefer delicious. My taste buds know what they want and that's why I believe that "diet" is a four letter word. I strongly dislike being told what to do. When I was younger, I could wake up in the morning and decide that I was going to clean my room that day, but then I'd go downstairs [...]
The Power of Red Lipstick
My friend Erika - that's her with her adorable rescue pup, Ginger! - is an amazing human being who is smart and talented and generous and thoughtful and funny and inspiring and, on top of all this awesomeness, she has ridiculously white teeth and rocks the heck out of red lipstick and I'm insanely jealous about it. As a blonde, I've always been encouraged to wear red because it's supposed to look fabulous on me, but it just never looks right. I could say it looks too bold and dramatic or that it's the wrong shade of red (I'm definitely more of [...]
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