Are You Ready to Sparkle?

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For the past five years, I’ve been choosing a theme for the new year to act as a guidepost to make sure I’m living with intention. With the recent passing of my dad and the grief and sadness that came with it, it was difficult to come up with something positive to focus on this year…until I came across these shoes.

I mean…look how fabulous they are!

When I saw them at the store my jaw hit the floor, my eyes bugged out of my head and my hands frantically searched for a pair that was my size. There’s no doubt, it was love at first sight for me and these gold glitter encrusted kicks.

I started thinking about what I could wear them with and was hit by the thought that maybe I was too old to wear them. Maybe they were intended for teenagers to wear…?

So I turned to the lady shopping nearby and asked her if she thought I was too old to wear them and she said very matter-of-factly, “You’re never too old to sparkle.”

That’s the moment I decided 2020 would be The Year of Sparkle.

If 2019 was the year I let everything go that was weighing me down, that logically means that 2020 should be the year I shine and these shoes were a great reminder of that.

Plus, if I could be a light and make other people as happy as these shoes make me, then I’d consider it a successful year. So…

This year, I’m committed to leaving all the loss I experienced in 2019 behind me and moving forward with faith and a positive attitude to shine like I never have before.

I know this won’t be easy and I’m going to have to listen to my own advice – like not playing the comparison game, being purposeful with my time, and understanding that belief in yourself is half the battle when tackling big, scary, crazy, fill-in-the-blank-with-your-own-adjective goals – and maybe I’ll have to re-read some of my favorite books to remind myself that I am a badass and capable of amazing things, but I am determined to put my best foot forward and not shy away from the hard stuff that might pop up along my path of success.

I want to take steps forward in my career, with my relationships, financially, and it’s definitely time to tackle the yard and get the outside of my house in shape…among other things. (My To Do List, Goal List and Bucket List seem to get longer every day, but dream BIG or stay small!) So, this weekend I’ll be prioritizing and developing a plan of attack to set myself up to sparkle so bright this year that people will need shades when I walk by!

To the Year of SPARKLE!

Love, Julie

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    Julie is a self-improvement junkie who loves to travel, wear pretty dresses, eat big breakfast and watch all the sunsets. She’s been there and done that and sharing all her life lessons with you. Read more

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